Learning Plans: The missing piece of your employee retention strategy

Did you know that over 60% of employees feel that they are not provided with opportunities to learn and grow! (Gallup) Learning accelerates employee development, fuels prosperity, and is about much more than continuing education credits. By offering the right learning...

5 Tips to Help You Create Development Plans

I came across research commissioned by Middlesex University for Work Based Learningthat found from a sample of 4,300 workers, that 74% felt they weren't achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities....

Client Spotlight Series

Our Client Spotlight series features casual, interview style conversations with current Brilliant HR clients to share best practices learned firsthand through their experience with Brilliant HR software. This Spotlight features Corey Gilchrist, Director of...

Make the Shift to Data-Driven Human Capital Management

Research conducted by AIHR in 2018, showed that HR metrics & analytics is the least effective area of human capital management. This trend has remained largely unchanged over the past five years. The lack of progress in this area is certainly not...

New Year, New Performance Management Process

Why Your Firm Needs to Implement Continuous Feedback Now Continuous feedback and goal-based performance management strategies can help to more quickly and easily drive consistency in employee development and engagement in your organization. This modern approach is a...

7 Deadly Sins of Succession Planning

A multitude of research points to the fact that the majority of firms don’t have a viable succession planning strategy. This is really problematic when combined with some of the other trends we’re seeing. Baby boomers are continuing to leave the workforce, employee...

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