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Comprehensive Compensation (CoCo)

Skip the spreadsheets and switch to the technology built for salary management

OrgView / ReOrg Modeling

Create org charts to manage hiring plans, organize teams, and increase transparency

Applicant Tracking System

Source talent faster and smarter, enabling your team to hire more people with the resources you have

Performance Management

Increase accountability and visibility within your organization by automating and tracking the appraisal process

Career Development

Enhance employee engagement by creating career paths, and supporting development plans designed to fill gaps and promote growth

Learning Management System (LMS)

Plan, track, and measure learning and certifications for employees through an efficient online solution

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Brilliant HR is a first-class compensation management software that helps organizations streamline and automate salary planning. Our secure web-based platform transforms the complicated compensation planning process from laborious and inefficient to automated and error proof.

In addition, through our premier partnership with Deltek, Brilliant HR also offers a comprehensive Talent Management Suite. Our unified cloud-based platform is an intuitive solution to attract, hire, develop and retain the right talent within your organization.

Brilliant HR has been providing salary planning solutions and talent management software to the marketplace since 1994. With offices in Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Washington D.C, our consultants and developers are experienced in the entire scope of human resources –  including implementations, upgrades, conversions, customization, support and training. We offer solutions that are affordable, easy to use, and instantly provide a return on investment.

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