Plug-N-Hire Solution

Revive your passive candidate database and enhance productivity with a textbot and AI matching

What is Plug-N-Hire?


A new solution to engage your passive candidate database.

The artificial intelligence tool matches candidates from your database.

Then, our chatbot will re-engage with them, update profile data, screen against new job requirements, and set appointments.

How Does it Work?

PlugNHire is simple. You can use a set list of predefined candidates in your ATS or excel spreadheet. Or it can be ramped up a level by scoring and ranking applicants to an open job in real time.

Then it Re-Markets new openings to matching candidates via SMS.

The chatbot contacts job seekers who have previously expressed interest and updates profile data.

Finally, it can schedule interested candidates for interviews or directs them to apply to a job.

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Texting is Simply Brilliant!

60% of candidates prefer an initial conversation through a Chat or SMS “bot” before they apply

40% increase of candidates completing the application after engaging a chatbot first  

10% increase in Hires that have engaged with SMS or Chatbot pre interviews

HR Benefits:

Maximize existing resume database


Automatically update candidate profiles

Reduce manual effort for recruiters

Plug-N-Hire can be used in many scenarios


  • Ongoing Candidate or Employee Engagement
  • Update or Capture Candidate Profile Info
  • Automatically Notify Potential Candidate of Job Match
  • Recruiter Interview Scheduling

By automating these areas of the recruiting function, recruitment teams experience time efficiency gains of 20% to 30% of their daily activities!

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