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Designed to help give recruiters back more time and streamline the candidate selection process 

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Rocketmat is a search and match solution to help find top candidates from your database

The Rocketmat solution is a proprietary algorithm that ranks applicants for each open job using machine-learning models from past hires and industry data, in real time.

How does it work?


Turnkey Assessments –

Hiring Profiles

The hiring profiles option uses AI match models, built on industry data to identify:

–How well a candidate matches the job they applied for

–Other open jobs the candidate matches

Client Designed Assessments – Success Profiles

 Prediction of future performance in the job

Candidate match with culture and values

Continuous assessment of success with key performance indicators (KPI’s)

HR Benefits:

No manual input from team

Seamless integration with Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

No change in application process

Rocketmat Advantages

  • No manual screening means gained efficiencies: do more with less
  • Interview 50% less candidates to fill same number of openings
  • Real time: get to best-match candidates first
  • Easy: no change in current process
  • Standardization: process not impacted by turnover of recruiters

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