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A People-Centric View of Cross-Platform Data

OrgView is a dynamic, web-based Organizational Chart that instantly reflects changes within your company. In addition to a graphical representation of the organizational structure, user companies can display an unlimited amount of custom data about each employee.

OrgView works for all business types

It doesn’t matter if you have 10, 1,000, or 10,000 employees. With plenty of features such as: 

  • Distribute any kind of information to any group

  • Searching capabilities

  • Multiple user modes

  • Secure web-based interface

OrgView is more than just a nicety. Reduce your calls to HR and provide all your employees with visibility into the organization, while managing permissions. View a demo today.

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Key Features

  • Online, real time, graphical org chart
  • Drill down feature to see all levels of the organization
  • Data refreshed daily from HRIS – no manual updates
  • Integrate any data from any system
  • Rules based data display
  • Permission based data access
  • Exports easily to PDF’s 
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ReOrg is the standard for intelligent strategic modeling

To understand its full capabilities and ability to dynamically shape the future of your company, ReOrg must be seen in action. No other web-based tool can match ReOrg’s functionality, analytic capability or ease of use.

ReOrg and See the Possibilities

ReOrg allows authorized managers to model organizational changes such as mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations or RIFs using a point and click, web based, graphical interface. Budgets, job family integrity and EEO liability are calculated real time as organizational changes are made either to the actual organization or in “What If” scenarios. The approved changes are seamlessly integrated back into the HRIS system.

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Value for All

Our easy to use, secure cloud-based solution offers a refined view of necessary, manageable information.  


Most Secure Solutions on the Market

OrgView and ReOrg are secure, highly configurable solutions hosted on a cloud-based platform

Max Efficiency

 Tell the system what data fields you want displayed for each employee. The security model also allows you to restrict access to particular data fields to select groups


Always the Right Data

Data is refreshed daily from HR information system – no manual updates

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