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Webinar On Demand: How to Get Executive Buy-In for a Compensation Solution

Set the stage for your organization’s best year yet.
Join our webinar and
learn new ways to engage your high-level audience
on reasons why a compensation solution is a must-have for 2020. 


Webinar on Demand: Enhance Onboarding for Productivity

Onboarding is a part of HR that is often underrated despite its potential to impact new hire productivity and retention. Watch this 30 minute webinar to learn tips and best practices for building out a more thorough onboarding program

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Client Spotlight: Food and Beverage Industry

Listen in this client spotlight how a client automated its HR operations with Brilliant HR Comprehensive Compensation

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Client Case Study: Food and Beverage Industry

Read how a client accelerates its HR operations with Brilliant HR Comprehensive Compensation

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Webinar on Demand: Continuous Feedback and Goals

Drive Employee Engagement with Continuous Feedback and Goals in this engaging 30 minute “speed session” on our Performance Management Tool.

Compensation for Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing industry has unique needs, discover how our salary planning tool can help with specifics just for your industry.

Compensation for Educational Institutions
The education industry is changing, so should the way you pay your educators!

Talent Management for Manufacturing Companies

Talent Management solutions made quick, easy, and affordable for the Manufacturing industry!

Talent Management for Nonprofit Organizations
Nonprofit organizations don’t have time for complicated software solutions or lengthy implementations.

Webinar on Demand: Hot CoCo!

Learn how you can free up time to focus on the strategic work that really propels your business forward in this engaging solution speed session.

Social Recruiting: Looking Beyond the Resume

On this short one page info-sheet, you’ll learn quick facts about social recruiting trends and going digital.

Infographic: Recruiting Strategies for Executives

Learn the top 5 things executives should be thinking about!

Webinar on Demand: Going for Gold

In this webinar you will hear about forecasting your workforce needs, getting qualified applicants to hiring managers fast, tracking hiring milestones and enhancing the onboarding process.

Infographic: Going for the Gold in Talent Management

Get the complementary infographic to our webinar today. 

Webinar on Demand: Did Your Performance Management Process Make the Grade?

Help continue the success of your employees and your business by implementing a sucessful performance review process. 

White Paper: Impactful Talent Management Strategies

See how your organization can benefit from really getting to know your people.

White Paper: Easily Integrate Talent Management Technology

Complete these five steps before you begin your search for a vendor.

eBook: Talent Management for Dummies

Talent Management for Dummies details how an effective talent strategy can impact your company’s success. People are the greatest asset in your organization. Managing employees through the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire, is the key to attracting and retaining the best talent.

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