Comprehensive Compensation (CoCo)

The most affordable and comprehensive compensation management tool to

help motivate and retain your talent

Compensation and Corporate Transparency

Comprehensive Compensation (CoCo) is a total compensation planning and execution platform that simplifies the development and allocation of merit, bonus and equity awards to drive employee engagement, performance and retention. CoCo assists with budget optimization, real time compensation planning and rule setting for organizations of any size.

Collect Actionable Data

CoCo includes the ability to dynamically create a variety of awards including Merit, promotions, Salary Adjustments, Lump Sums, Step/Sales Awards, variable Pay and Long Term Incentives (stock, options and RSU’s). Unique eligibility rule setting and dynamic activation/deactivation of awards make this system a year round tool for the organization and vastly improved accuracy in their budgeting and process.

up-close screenshot of user defined increase in CoCo systems settings

Business Intelligence, Empowering Employees

Our state of the art compensation tool provides a direct way for employees to see and feel the fairness of corporate wealth sharing. CoCo will provide daily intelligence that enables a manager to closely and transparently link performance to reward. EEO and morale issues related to compensation and promotion disappear, and all employees know it. 

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

With workflows that can be designed by job family, division, department, manager or location, compensation staff can easily create complete organizational compensation models.

Enhance Your Bottom Line

The elimination of math errors, increased security and the enforcement of the organizational compensation constraints significantly enhances corporate bottom line

ROI in 60 Days

Gain real savings of 60% – 90% over the industry standard spreadsheet method. Our calculations show that companies can achieve 100% ROI in as little as 60 days

Eliminate the Burden

Reduce the time spent on salary planning from months to days. Maintain control by adjusting the system administration settings at any time

Easy to Use

Intuitive user interface – everything is at most 3 clicks away


Organization Chart

Graphical representation of the organization on a single screen refreshed daily, with one click drill down to any management level

Budgeting Made Simple

Companies may easily implement sophisticated budgeting strategies while providing the managers with a simple way to understand expenses

Multi Language and Currency

CoCo accommodates any world currency – toggle between currencies and languages at will

Customer Support

Choose from a variety of customer care levels based on the support your organization needs

Export Ready

Export reports in ready-to-present formats including PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Customer Testimonial


"After implementing CoCo we got great feedback from our managers. They loved how it was easy to get in, see the changes and make them."

– Shamrock Foods Group

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do I Need a Compensation Tool?

In today’s ever-changing landscape of labor laws and gender pay discussions, it is more important than ever for companies to be proactive when it comes to salary and compensation. Pay equality is not a "trendy" topic; it is a movement which more and more companies are proactively jumping on board with rather than wait until it is too late.

Where does the Data Come From?

CoCo accommodates bi-directional data feed, so all the employee data including new hires, changes and salaries come in the system. If something happens outside of transitions in the workforce it is automatically fed in to the system. Typically clients do a feed once a day.

How Quickly Can CoCo Be Implemented?

It largely depends on client readiness but CoCo can be implemented and live in as little as two weeks.

Is Your System Dynamic?

CoCo is designed so everything behind the scenes is all data controlled, you can simply turn things on and off as you wish to use them. Whether that’s on a year-by-year basis and you plan to switch it out next year, CoCo allows you to do it through the software simply and effectively.

Can CoCo use Market Data?

Yes. CoCo seamlessly integrates compensation market data from any market data source including all major suppliers to allow users to search for job pricing across multiple surveys and industries.

What if an Employee Gets a Promotion or Other Incentive?

If your workflow is complete and someone gets an increase, lump sum, award vehicle, etc., once the change is finalized & approved it will feed back into your HRIS system or payroll system. CoCo can accommodate a wide spectrum of compensation vehicles.

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