Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Source talent faster and smarter, enabling your team to hire more people with the resources you have

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Faster & Smarter Talent Acquisition

With Talent Acquisition, your business can set up a compelling career site and engage potential candidates to apply, from any device they prefer. In addition,  you will be able to manage employment requisitions, active candidates, and offers to qualified candidates.

Talent Acquisition helps you design an efficient employee recruiting process, making it easier to assess qualified candidates and fill positions faster.  Highly configurable workflow management helps guarantee that you are providing hiring managers the best candidates with the right skills.

Recruiting top talent just got easier

Once a good candidate is found and hired, the manager can see where new hires are in the on-boarding process and monitor their progress to accelerate their time to contribution.

New hires can be engaged from day one.  Get your new hires on the road to success with their own check list of items to complete during the on-boarding process.

An automated on-boarding process improves new hire readiness and decreases the time to revenue.

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Our ATS Module can help your company:

  • Source Qualified Talent
  • Streamline the Overall Recruiting Process
  • Increase Recruiter Productivity
  • Track Hiring Milestones
  • Enhance On-boarding

Key Capabilities

Unlimited, dynamic workflows

Create workflows specific to
business unit/department,
location, or job title

Increase employee referrals

Engage your employees with a system that involves them and rewards them for referrals

Seamlessly onboard

An automated onboarding process improves new hire readiness and decreases the time to revenue


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