Performance Management

A web-based, interactive solution that empowers employees and managers to actively manage the performance process

Developing Your Workforce

A high-performance team is made up of people who are motivated, developed and loyal to your company. Other than consistently delivering quality products and services, nothing holds more promise for driving company profit than your employees.

That’s why it’s important to invest in a quality employee management system to maintain the level of motivation your company needs. Our program gives you the abilities to assess quality hires, achieve results and develop valuable talent for a more effective working relationship. It enhances accountability and visibility within your organization by automating and tracking the workflow performance and appraisal process.

Achieve Better Results

  • Our tool includes goal alignment, goal tracking and employee coaching

  • Increase employee retention with ongoing, interactive feedback, using this employee performance management system coupled with clear development plans

  • Access real-time data in the reporting chain and employee profiles through this configurable solution

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Key Capabilities


360 Appraisals

Feedback can be gathered
from virtually any source,
including clients and vendors


Multi-Phase Appraisals

Our software adheres to a multi-phase design: plan, develop, perform, assess, review

Goal Management

A strategic process to ensure everyone is poised to help the company meet high-level objectives

Our Performance Module can help your company:

  • Assist in moving the focus from “results only” to “results and behavior”, by identifying employee strengths and how these strengths can be used more effectively
  • Introduce enterprise-wide technology that provides consistency throughout the organization
  • Enable managers to coach and develop valuable talent, thereby motivating employees to consistently perform well
  • Improve communication between managers and their employees by fostering a positive and effective working relationship
  • Provide a forum for balanced and accurate 360 feedback on performance
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