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Enhancing Onboarding for Shorter Time to Productivity

cartoon of people at desk looking at graphOnboarding is a part of HR that is often underrated despite its potential to impact new hire productivity and retention. Companies tend to think of onboarding as a series of new hire paperwork to cover compliance requirements, while overlooking the more in-depth components of setting goals and milestones in an established training program. By having more comprehensive onboarding, new hires gain full proficiency in their positions 34% faster than those in shorter programs.

What does this mean for you? Getting new talent onboarded quickly means expanding your workforce’s productivity, and having the right talent in place to get jobs done more effectively.

Join Brilliant HR’s Madalyn Hernandez for our upcoming webinar, Enhancing Onboarding for Shorter Time to Productivity. Madalyn will discuss the effect onboarding has on new hire productivity, while providing tips and best practices for building out a more thorough onboarding program.

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