Don’t Lose Your Best Talent

Don’t Lose Your Best Talent

  Is Employee Loyalty a Thing of the Past? Did you know 51 percent of workers who currently have a job are either actively seeking a new job or are open to the idea? People are simply not as loyal to their companies as they used to be. New research from CareerBuilder suggests that by the age of 35, a quarter of workers will have held 5 jobs or more.

There is more competition than ever to find, hire, and keep the best resources that are key to executing successful projects and engagements for your clients. So how do you retain your best talent?

Keeping Employees Engaged Employee engagement is the emotional and functional commitment that an employee has to his or her organization. Employees are more engaged, and loyal to their organization when they feel valued, believe their work matters, and when they feel they have supportive supervisors. 

  • $11 billion is lost annually because of employee turnover.


  • Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%.


  • 71% of all employees are not fully engaged.

  Developing Employees and Planning for the Future The most valuable employees are always considering career opportunities. Existing employees want to know if they have a way to grow and advance within the company. If they don’t see evidence they can move up in the organization, or feel underappreciated, they leave.

Of course, there is a better approach to keeping employees engaged. It takes a combination of such things such as performance management, career management, and succession planning. 

Having a Performance Management and Career Development system in place ensures that top performers get the visibility and recognition they desire, which helps to increase loyalty, reduce turnover, and cut down costs of replacing key employees.   Schedule a Demo Now and Get a $15 Amazon Gift Card