This year’s hottest HCM topics and takeaways from Deltek Insight ’17

This year’s hottest HCM topics and takeaways from Deltek Insight ’17

deltek insight 2017 Last week at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, we spent an amazing four days with over 3000 Deltek clients and partners. This year’s Deltek Insight conference provided us with the unique opportunity to spend some quality time with our clients hearing what drives their business, what struggles they are facing in the year ahead, and their excitement around some of Deltek’s most relevant Human Capital Management offerings for their industries.

In case you weren’t able to attend this year, or if you didn’t get the chance to stop by to chat with our HCM experts, we wanted to share this year’s hottest topics and takeaways heard directly from our clients in regards to their growing Talent Management needs.

  1. Onboarding and new hire experience. While there is still a focus on getting employees in the door quickly, customers also want to make sure that this is a positive and beneficial experience. Getting forms and documents to the new hire so they can complete them online is one part of this, but another part is making sure that they are successful after joining by providing training, check-in reviews, and other tools to the new hire proactively.
  2. A shift in performance processes. More and more of our customers are looking at revamping their performance review process, moving away from the standard annual performance review. Of most interest are conducting continual feedback reviews in a less formal method, or providing more timely reviews through project-based appraisals.
  3. A heavy focus on compensation planning. Whether it is annual compensation increases, bonuses, or cost of living increases, having a tool that supports you in making sure that pay is fairly and easily distributed, while keeping within budget, is important to customers of all sizes. This includes comparing pay ranges for employees to salary market data, ensuring gender pay equity, and reporting to analyze trends.
  4. Growing compliance demands. With the ever shifting regulations, government contractors especially are putting more and more focus on finding HCM tools that can support the growing compliance demands. AAP reporting, for example, is a crucial piece factor in deciding on a talent acquisition solution that can support such requirements, while tracking and monitoring certifications makes a world of difference in planning for upcoming projects.
  5. Focusing on the full talent lifecycle. Organizations are still hiring and growing, and finding good quality candidates in the market continues to be a priority. However, with the shortage of good candidates out there, it is more crucial than ever that businesses focus on retaining the talent and experts they already have. This has created an increased interested in post-hire solutions to assist with career development activities, ongoing learning, and even succession planning or key positions.

These trends are no surprise and are consistent with what we saw in the Deltek Clarity Reports. We expect these topics to continue to be at the forefront in 2018, and as always, we are committed to keeping our clients informed and ready for both regulatory and strategic changes as we prepare for the New Year. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog series covering the hottest topics from Deltek Insight’s Human Capital Management sessions!

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