How to Cater to Different Types of Hires for the Best Results

How to Cater to Different Types of Hires for the Best Results

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Posting jobs and hiring new employees can be a huge time investment, making it a big disappointment when your favorite candidate doesn’t accept the offer or leaves after being on the job for only a short time period. There can be many underlying reasons for this shock to the system, and one thing that it helps to keep in mind is that your hiring processes cannot always be a “one size fits all” tool. Your candidates may come from many different sources and backgrounds, and how you interact with them during the hiring process can influence their decisions to join or stay at your company long-term.

This blog series will focus on several different groups of candidates and considerations for working with those groups. For example:

  • How can you attract external candidates to apply to your openings?

  • How might you adjust the hiring process to meet the unique needs of candidates referred by your current employees?

  • Are there any special ways to keep in touch and market new job opportunities to respected alumni?

  • How can you get and keep the attention of the millennial workforce?

  • How can you make applying to jobs fast and easy for hourly workers?

Over the next couple of months, join us as we provide some best practices when accounting for the diverse needs of today’s workforce. Our focus will be on the candidate sources below, and we would be happy to receive further suggestions from our readers on additional groups you might like us to focus on.

  • Current employees

  • External candidates

  • Alumni

  • Contractors

  • Agency candidates

  • Interns

  • Social network contacts

  • Family members

  • Remote employees

  • Employee referrals

  • Millennials

  • Hourly workers


Customer Care Help Desk Updates

Customer Care Help Desk Updates

We know you are very busy and our goal when you contact Support is to get your case to resolution as quick as possible so you can get back to other work activities. We launched our Customer Care Connect website in April and wanted to make sure you are aware of the latest resources available to help you get things done!


The Customer Care Connect Site


The Deltek Customer Care Connect site ( requires you to login with your individual username and password. If you don’t remember your password, simply click Account Assistance on the login page and follow the instructions. You will find a quick Connect Site overview video on the Home page to give you a brief tutorial of the site. Access the Connect site to:

  • Log new cases and manage existing cases

  • Use Enterprise Search to access our Knowledge Base and Release Documentation

  • Connect with other Talent Management users on our Customer Forums

  • Submit product enhancement requests

  • Direct escalation to Support management

Quick Chat with Support Available Now!


We are excited to announce that as of August 8, 2016, Talent Management customers now have access to Quick Chat on the Customer Care Connect support website. Use Quick Chat to get answers to general questions from our Support team. For more complex questions, please log a case via the Submit Case page and you will receive a prompt reply.


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If you have submitted a case with Support and it hasn’t been handled to your satisfaction, you are encouraged to contact the Customer Care Support Management team directly through our Escalation form now available on the Connect site Home page.


Customer Forums


Engage with literally thousands of Talent Management users and experts in the Customer Forum on the Customer Care Connect site. This space is dedicated to conversations around best practices, tips and tricks, etc. Feel free to jump in to interact with the community!


Contacting Customer Care Support by Phone


The phone number for Authorized Support Contacts to contact Support is 1-877-HLP-PROJ or 1-877-457-7765. Please be sure that you have your unique 6 digit individual contact ID when calling Customer Care. When you provide your Contact ID, our average speed to answer is under 2 minutes! If you do not have your Contact ID you can find it on your Home page on the Connect site in the upper right hand corner under your name.


Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority


You may receive a survey request from your Support interaction. We read all survey comments and greatly appreciate your feedback!


If you have questions about the Deltek Customer Care Connect site itself contact CC Ops Help.


Please remember to add Deltek ( and to your safe sender’ list in your email settings or spam filter to make sure you receive updates from our Customer Care support team.



How Can You Motivate Your Workforce?

How Can You Motivate Your Workforce?

 Feedback is a critical component to motivating your workforce. According to a recent study by AccentureTM, providing frequent, direct performance appraisals ranks in the top 5 ways to engage your employees*. A technology solution that facilitates this process by providing ongoing access to documented expectations, departmental objectives and goals, and a location where employees can log their achievements and challenges reinforces to employees that they are an important part of the organization’s success. 


With a full understanding of factors that drive your top performers, you are able to ensure they have access to the career development opportunities they require. Top performers are often career driven, willing to go the extra mile to remain on the path to success. With Brilliant HR Performance solution in place, they can identify their career goals and share them with their managers. Managers then have the information they need to keep them engaged in their work and productive at your company.