Talent Management Benefits By Role: Human Resources

Talent Management Benefits By Role: Human Resources

happy business woman leader smiling at cameraWe understand the numerous challenges you face in Human Resources. Your department is often understaffed, and you’re constantly tasked with finding quality hires in a tight timeline. Every day with a vacant opening means another day of lost revenue, creating pressure from the top down. We created our Talent Management solution with these pain points in mind, and it’s built to efficiently manage the entire employee lifecycle.

Available as one comprehensive package or à la carte to suit the current needs of your business, Talent Management handles every step along the way from recruiting, performance, development, and training to compensation. Each solution works in sync with the others on an easy-to-use interface.


Our tools help you create an efficient employee recruiting processes, making it easier to assess qualified candidates and fill positions faster.

  • Digital interviews improve hiring quality and cut the time spent interviewing by up to 50%

  • Referral system engages your employees in the recruiting process and rewards them for inviting their best contacts to work for you


Nurture and grow your staff from within by providing employees with a self-service answer for continued learning.

  • House a full catalog of instructor-led, online or external courses

  • Automatically set up required training courses for new hires or for specific job roles

  • Manage certifications


Our automated appraisal process reduces administrative burden so you can focus on reviewing performance and career goals.

  • 9 Box Planning maps out which employees are ready for advancement or need further development

  • Process-driven compensation system ensures employee incentives are tightly aligned with performance

4 Ways to Attract and Satisfy the New Workforce (AKA Millennials & Gen Z)

4 Ways to Attract and Satisfy the New Workforce (AKA Millennials & Gen Z)

happy graduates tossing caps in the air in celebrationHere are four tips for attracting young talent into your organization.

Tip 1: Create a Compelling Job Posting

When looking for jobs today, candidates want to get a really good idea from the job description what they will do every day, how they will contribute to the company, and what they will gain from working with your company. Simply posting a bullet-ed list of requirements and responsibilities is no longer enough to grab their attention. You could be missing out on some great candidates by writing descriptions that don’t address their major concerns. Are you giving them enough information and are you taking advantage of all of the new media that is available to you? Share graphics, videos, and other resources on social media to draw candidates in and pay special attention to focus on information important to them.

Tip 2: Look in Non-Traditional Places

Sometimes your best candidates aren’t those found through traditional listings on your website or standard job boards. Often the key to finding the right talent is making the most of all candidate sourcing channels available to you. Build and maintain your referral networks, reach out on niche job boards and leverage professional organizations to access candidates who may not be actively searching for a new position. Encourage your employees to leverage their networks and social media presence; it’s a great way to find candidates and to build your company brand.

Tip 3: Make the Interview Evidence-Based

It is important to know that the people you bring in can do the job – that they have the right skills and experience required to step in and successfully perform in their new position. Prepare a standardized set of questions to ask each candidate interviewing for the position. This is a good way to draw more accurate comparisons between candidates. An effective way to understand how someone might fit into the team is to ask detailed questions about their experience and how they would perform routine tasks.  Pose typical problems they might encounter on the job, and ask them how they would address them.  This can provide more tangible evidence of their experience and how they think on their feet.

Tip 4: Define Your Measures for Success

Let prospective employees know how your company measures success.  What do they need to accomplish to be a top performer, and what is your reward or recognition structure for those who do perform to your expectations? Are incentives both employee and team oriented? Is there a career path and what is it?  In order to hire and retain exceptionally talented people in the new workforce, you have to work hard at it. It’s a two way street. You must keep them motivated and inspired and give them work that fills their sense of purpose and lets them know they are valued.

Talent Management Benefits by Role: The IT Department

Talent Management Benefits by Role: The IT Department

busy people in open concept office space  It might sound simple to someone who isn’t familiar with the process, but “software implementation” and “information technology team” don’t always co-mingle as well as we would like.  When shopping for a new human resources solution or any new cloud-based software for your organization, it’s important to take in to consideration the folks who will be doing most of the legwork up front: your IT department. Sure, you might never intend to cause stress or excess work by purchasing separate solutions… for example, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a Learning Management system (LMS), but the amount of work required for those team members to make the switch(es) might make them a bit hesitant to give their stamp of approval. And you definitely WANT the IT team to be on your side!  The IT Department in your organization will be thrilled to know that the Brilliant HR and Deltek Talent Management is a single sign on, Cloud-based solution that’s simple to implement.  We start with a three-pronged approach to installing services beginning with the deployment of the product. We then go through a step-by-step process working closely with you to uncover unique needs for configurability, evaluate best practices and ensure the right support tools are in place for an effective product launch.   During the implementation process, we provide consulting support to assist in organizational readiness in areas such as change management, process definition, workflow creation and compliance.  Once the solution has “gone live” within the organization, each client is assigned a dedicated client services account manager to ensure your needs are met.



  • Globally accessible and accommodates multiple languages as determined by the user
  • Flexible and configurable to fit client needs or mirror processes already in place
  • Fast Feature Adoption: Upgrading and staying current allows customers to take advantage of new features and enhancements faster than ever. Upgrades are seamless.  Deltek will upgrade your solution so you can avoid a costly conversion or migration process every few years.


  • Easily integrates with service providers for assessments, background scans and content delivery
  • Cross-module reporting with full API
  • Metric driven applications, so important analytical tools are readily available