Demand Excellence

Demand Excellence

Brilliant HR is aware of the difficulty of locating talented professionals, especially in such a dynamic economy.  As we progress into a time of modern achievement and collective transformation we strive to offer the same technology-driven services for your recruitment needs. 


Brilliant HR focuses, not on short-term solutions, but rather on developing a long-term strategy to automate, streamline and optimize your growing workforce.  Utilizing the latest in Applicant Tracking Systems and Interactive Dashboard Technology, Brilliant HR is now offering the capability to transform your Recruitment Processes into an Efficient and Configurable Service with endless capabilities.  


Your New Applicant Tracking System will provide you with:

  • More qualified job candidates

  • Ability to post job openings to multiple job boards

  • Reduction of hiring costs by over 40%

  • Reduction of time-to-hire by over 66%

  • No Maintenance, Programming or Downloads required

  • And Much More…

Your Personal Applicant Tracking System can be quickly and easily adapted to fit into your organization today!    


Recruiting Metrics #10 – Recruiter Efficiency

Recruiting Metrics #10 – Recruiter Efficiency


Recruiter efficiency takes into account several of the metrics already covered, but really comes down to how effective a recruiter is at finding the most qualified candidate in the shortest amount of time, and ensuring that they are someone who will not only accept the company’s offer, but will become a valuable asset to that company.






The following factors should be considered to determine one recruiter’s efficiency versus another:


• Open requisitions assigned to them

• Pending requisitions

• Requisitions on hold

• Requisitions in approval

• Requisitions filled

• Average days to fill


A successful recruiter will know the best sources for each requisition, will be able to realistically portray the company’s needs, and provide the organization with employees that will become top performers and contribute to a high retention rate.


We hope you have enjoyed the Top 10 Recruiting Metrics Series. A successful recruiting strategy depends on the quality of people that are hired, and this starts with identifying areas of weakness having visibility into these important metrics.


A company is only as successful as its employees, which means that recruiting builds the foundation for either the success or failure of every organization. In the words of Lawrence Bossidy from GE, “I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”

Recruiting Metrics #9 – Offer Acceptance Rate

Recruiting Metrics #9 – Offer Acceptance Rate

  Once you have found the perfect candidate for a job, it would be nice to assume that the candidate also believes the position at your company to be a perfect fit for them, but this isn’t always the case.



Some reasons a candidate may not accept your offer could be the salary you have offered them, or perhaps they received a better offer somewhere else, etc. Companies should not expect to have every offer accepted, but they should aim for around 90 percent. If they can’t reach this goal, they may need to look more closely at the reasons behind the declined offers.


Some things your organization can do to improve your offer acceptance rate are:

• Compare your salary offers to industry averages and adjust accordingly

• Try including a signing bonus for high-level positions

• Include salary requirements in the screening questionnaire to fast-fail candidates who will not match your offer


Typically, if the offer acceptance rate is low, it means the company may need to have more realistic expectations for their open positions.