In our growing digital world, we find more and more of a struggle with remembering what makes our jobs human. And that is the employees! Help continue the success of your employees and your business by implementing a successful performance review process. 81.6% of managers use performance reviews to help employees develop and improve professionally. But if the employees don’t understand how their performance is being measured, what’s the point?Lately, there’s been a lot of chatter in the HR sphere about continuous performance reviews. Just like in Deltek’s recent blog about the MUST in Continuous Feedback, we agree that the push for ongoing Performance Reviews helps keep the employees and managers engaged while continuing their growth as well.  You’re moving the focus from “results only” to “results and behavior”, by identifying employee strengths and how these strengths can be used more effectively.              By giving employees the position to give and receive feedback, employees feel more in control of their standing in the organization. Managers can draw back on instances from throughout the year and reviews are more fact-based than emotional.  Employees are more satisfied in their job because they can use each feedback review as a growing point to learn from. TIPS TO HELP PERFORMANCE REVIEWS “MAKE THE GRADE” Automate the Process: Using a dedicated tool or running document for performance can help streamline your appraisal process. Feedback can be gathered from virtually any source, including clients and vendors. Have a strategic process in place to ensure everyone is poised to help the company meet high-level objectives.Make it a priority: In your calendar, link yourself to the running document or automated system that you are using (having employees have visibility and able to do the same helps both manager and employee be more efficientRename the Appraisal: If the word performance reviews, doesn’t help with your company culture and you are needing a livelier name to get people started, get creative! Include your organization name, or come up with a name like “Feedback Sessions”, or “Team Talks” that inspires well-rounded feedback.This will help you and your employees not fear performance reviews and find them to be more encouraging and lively and not dreaded and boring. By constantly taking a look at you and your employees’ performance you are self-evaluating and helping to see where the company is growing and moving towards.This is just one step, maybe even the first step, towards a successful talent management strategy. In this white paper: learn about better corporate performance, reduced turnover, and organizational mobility.   Don’t forget to register for our joint webinar, Did Your Performance Management Process Make the Grade? on June 27, 2017.

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