happy business woman leader smiling at cameraWe understand the numerous challenges you face in Human Resources. Your department is often understaffed, and you’re constantly tasked with finding quality hires in a tight timeline. Every day with a vacant opening means another day of lost revenue, creating pressure from the top down. We created our Talent Management solution with these pain points in mind, and it’s built to efficiently manage the entire employee lifecycle.

Available as one comprehensive package or à la carte to suit the current needs of your business, Talent Management handles every step along the way from recruiting, performance, development, and training to compensation. Each solution works in sync with the others on an easy-to-use interface.


Our tools help you create an efficient employee recruiting processes, making it easier to assess qualified candidates and fill positions faster.

  • Digital interviews improve hiring quality and cut the time spent interviewing by up to 50%

  • Referral system engages your employees in the recruiting process and rewards them for inviting their best contacts to work for you


Nurture and grow your staff from within by providing employees with a self-service answer for continued learning.

  • House a full catalog of instructor-led, online or external courses

  • Automatically set up required training courses for new hires or for specific job roles

  • Manage certifications


Our automated appraisal process reduces administrative burden so you can focus on reviewing performance and career goals.

  • 9 Box Planning maps out which employees are ready for advancement or need further development

  • Process-driven compensation system ensures employee incentives are tightly aligned with performance

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