lady writing in day plannerPerformance reviews are a common topic of discussion with our clients, and there are many options available to assess the performance of your employees: annual reviews, continuous feedback, 360 appraisals, and project-based appraisals are all tools to support your processes.  There are also a lot of reasons to complete performance reviews: compliance, growth measurement, and goal progress tracking are some of these reasons.

However, we want to also point out that while there are a lot of good reasons to monitor employee performance and complete performance reviews, there are some reasons that shouldn’t be at the top of your list. If your SOLE reason for completing reviews is in the following list, you might consider if this process is helping or hurting your employee population.

  • Because HR says we have to
  • Because isn’t that what most companies do?
  • Because it’s expected
  • Because I like to tell people they are falling short of my expectations

If you are curious on how to improve or make the most of your performance review process, reach out to us for best practices on how to still manage and grow talent if performance reviews are a process you wish to do away with, or modernize.

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