Brilliant HR is aware of the difficulty of locating talented professionals, especially in such a dynamic economy.  As we progress into a time of modern achievement and collective transformation we strive to offer the same technology-driven services for your recruitment needs. 


Brilliant HR focuses, not on short-term solutions, but rather on developing a long-term strategy to automate, streamline and optimize your growing workforce.  Utilizing the latest in Applicant Tracking Systems and Interactive Dashboard Technology, Brilliant HR is now offering the capability to transform your Recruitment Processes into an Efficient and Configurable Service with endless capabilities.  


Your New Applicant Tracking System will provide you with:

  • More qualified job candidates

  • Ability to post job openings to multiple job boards

  • Reduction of hiring costs by over 40%

  • Reduction of time-to-hire by over 66%

  • No Maintenance, Programming or Downloads required

  • And Much More…

Your Personal Applicant Tracking System can be quickly and easily adapted to fit into your organization today!    


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