New Executive to Join Brilliant HR

New Executive to Join Brilliant HR

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NAPLES, F.L., June 12, 2018 – Brilliant HR, a global leader in Compensation Planning and Human Resource software , announced today that Nancy Thalheimer will assume the position of Vice President of Business Development. Ms. Thalheimer will be instrumental in acquiring new clients to further develop Brilliant HR’s growing portfolio of national and international accounts. Ms. Thalheimer joins Brilliant HR after an impressive  27-year career as an entrepreneur and co-owner of Thalheimer’s Fine Jewelers, a high-end jewelry retailer located  in Naples, FL. Nancy’s experience managing the intricacies of a business, as well as delivering exceptional client service will make her a tremendous asset to the team.    As VP of Business Development, Nancy will direct Brilliant HR’s growth both nationally and abroad, through targeted client acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Nancy will play an integral role in  marketing Brilliant HR’s unique product offering and steadfast commitment to brilliant client service and innovation. Ms. Thalheimer commented, “I am honored and excited to join the Brilliant HR team. The commitment of everyone in this company to integrity, and above all client service is what makes our organization so special. Our clients are the foundation of our success. I look forward to working with the team to exceed  aggressive goals, by educating prospective clients on the high quality compensation and talent solutions Brilliant HR has to offer. .”   About Brilliant HR Inc. Brilliant HR provides a first-class compensation management software that helps organizations streamline and automate salary planning. Our secure web-based platform transforms the complicated compensation planning process from laborious and inefficient to automated and error proof – for clients across various markets. In addition, through a premier partnership with Deltek, Brilliant HR also offers a comprehensive Talent Management Suite. The unified cloud-based platform is an intuitive solution to attract, hire, develop and retain the right talent within your organization.Founded in 1999 and still a privately held, women-owned company, Brilliant HR  has locations in Florida, Texas, and Washington D.C. For more information, visit


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Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma Update

hurricane Thank you to our friends and clients who have reached out to us during this difficult time. Our city was directly hit by the massive storm last week and our office has been without power/cable, as well as our homes. We are trying our best to get in touch but cell service has been inconsistent as well, so please be patient and we will reach out as soon as possible! Thank you so much. Best, The Brilliant HR Team

Customer Care Help Desk Updates

Customer Care Help Desk Updates

We know you are very busy and our goal when you contact Support is to get your case to resolution as quick as possible so you can get back to other work activities. We launched our Customer Care Connect website in April and wanted to make sure you are aware of the latest resources available to help you get things done!


The Customer Care Connect Site


The Deltek Customer Care Connect site ( requires you to login with your individual username and password. If you don’t remember your password, simply click Account Assistance on the login page and follow the instructions. You will find a quick Connect Site overview video on the Home page to give you a brief tutorial of the site. Access the Connect site to:

  • Log new cases and manage existing cases

  • Use Enterprise Search to access our Knowledge Base and Release Documentation

  • Connect with other Talent Management users on our Customer Forums

  • Submit product enhancement requests

  • Direct escalation to Support management

Quick Chat with Support Available Now!


We are excited to announce that as of August 8, 2016, Talent Management customers now have access to Quick Chat on the Customer Care Connect support website. Use Quick Chat to get answers to general questions from our Support team. For more complex questions, please log a case via the Submit Case page and you will receive a prompt reply.


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If you have submitted a case with Support and it hasn’t been handled to your satisfaction, you are encouraged to contact the Customer Care Support Management team directly through our Escalation form now available on the Connect site Home page.


Customer Forums


Engage with literally thousands of Talent Management users and experts in the Customer Forum on the Customer Care Connect site. This space is dedicated to conversations around best practices, tips and tricks, etc. Feel free to jump in to interact with the community!


Contacting Customer Care Support by Phone


The phone number for Authorized Support Contacts to contact Support is 1-877-HLP-PROJ or 1-877-457-7765. Please be sure that you have your unique 6 digit individual contact ID when calling Customer Care. When you provide your Contact ID, our average speed to answer is under 2 minutes! If you do not have your Contact ID you can find it on your Home page on the Connect site in the upper right hand corner under your name.


Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority


You may receive a survey request from your Support interaction. We read all survey comments and greatly appreciate your feedback!


If you have questions about the Deltek Customer Care Connect site itself contact CC Ops Help.


Please remember to add Deltek ( and to your safe sender’ list in your email settings or spam filter to make sure you receive updates from our Customer Care support team.



Introducing Talent Management for Dummies

Introducing Talent Management for Dummies

 In case you missed it, last month Brilliant HR | Deltek released the new information book, Talent Management for Dummies, Special Edition.

Talent Management for Dummies details how an effective talent strategy can impact your company’s success. People are the greatest asset in your organization. Managing employees through the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire, is the key to attracting and retaining the best talent.

Talent Management for Dummies will help you:

  • Understand the concepts of an effective “people” strategy
  • Learn how to use technology to acquire, develop and retain top employees
  • Accelerate the human performance of your organization to the next level

The components of a robust talent strategy are broad-reaching, touching all facets of your business. The talent war is on, but it isn’t too late to play on the winning side by developing and implementing an effective talent plan. Download your copy of the book here.  With the release of the book, we also kicked off the first of a five-part informational webinar series.  In Deltek’s first educational installment of the series, Win the War for Talent, attendees began the journey to understand the talent management components that will help their organizations win the war for talent, including: 

  • Understanding the challenges of a multi-generational workforce
  • The importance of aligning your talent management strategy to your business strategy
  • Why companies who are winning the war for talent are embracing technology to help them be competitive

To listen to the recorded webinar, click here Make sure to register for the remaining webinars in the series as well! 

  • June 16 – Finding Qualified Talent Fast
  • July 21 – Retaining Top Talent
  • August 9 – Investing in Your People
  • September 14 – Leveraging Technology to Manage Talent
Hiring Talent for the Long Haul

Hiring Talent for the Long Haul

Here are our top 3 steps should companies take to make sure they’re hiring the right person every time:





  1. Strategic Fit: First and foremost, organizations need to clearly define why they are hiring this person – in other words, where will this role fit into the organizational strategy and direction? Every role needs a purpose. Not only will this ensure that the employee filling the role is adding long-term value to the organization, but it will also ensure that the employee feels a sense of purpose every day they come to work.

  2. Cultural Fit: Secondly, the company should have clear tangible values and culture that each employee contributes to in some way. The reality is, that no matter how talented someone may be at what they do, they may not fit into their department, their team or the company as a whole, which would make them just as bad of a hire as someone without the proper skills. If they don’t feel like they belong, they will quickly become disengaged, and would probably end up leaving their role prematurely, putting you back at square one.

  3. Competency Fit: Last but not least, the most common fit that recruiters look for in candidates is in the experience and skills they have acquired that make them eligible for the position. This is the most obvious fit, but even here, companies can be too hasty in their decisions if a candidate has “most” of the requirements they are looking for. One of the easiest ways to mitigate this is to list out the position’s “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”. That way if someone is missing one of the “must-haves”, they are automatically disqualified from the position.

How to Win the War on Talent

How to Win the War on Talent


Similar to the real estate market where there are buyer and seller markets, in the recruiting world there are employee and employer markets. With the upturn in the economy and the baby boomers starting to retire, talent is limited and it is now an employee market in highly specialized fields of professional services. As more baby boomers continue to retire and leave the workforce, the labor shortage is expected to continue to grow. 

Talent acquisition and retention is particularly important for professional services (PS) organizations because they are “people businesses.” It goes without saying that for these firms to succeed and grow they depend upon good people that have the knowledge and skills to drive performance, productivity and profit. They are the key to achieving a competitive advantage. So doesn’t it make sense that firms spend a significant amount of time identifying and implementing meaningful ways to attract, manage and retain good talent? 

One way for firms to approach the problem is by addressing three key questions: 

  1. What are you doing to keep your best talent?

  2. How much revenue are you losing per year through attrition?

  3. What will happen to your firm if you don’t address the issue of talent retention?

What are you doing to keep your best talent? 

There is a misconception among employers that most employees leave to earn more money. In reality, most employees leave because they feel they are in dead end positions and no longer growing and moving up to more challenging roles within the organization. This feeling of stagnation leads to attrition which directly impacts company profitability. 

How much revenue are you losing per year through attrition? 

Typically, it costs between 90% and 200% of an employee’s salary to replace them. When you calculate the cost to hire and train people only to lose them through voluntary attrition, the cost can be staggering. What’s particularly worrisome for most organizations is the risk of losing senior staff who are the face of the firm and have a loyal client following. You cannot afford to have these employees leave when it can be prevented. Remember, your talent is being targeted every day by your competitors. 

What will happen to your firm if you don’t address the issue of talent retention? 

Companies with great reputations and strong cultures are able to attract exceptional talent. People want to work for them, so it gives them the ability to be incredibly selective. At the same time, these companies know exceptionally talented people are also ambitious and have high expectations. 
Therefore, these companies know they must double down on their efforts to keep their staff motivated and inspired so they want to stay. Great projects, good tools, career planning, training, and mentorship programs are some of the ways they focus on retaining their talent. They identify their top talent and frequently and openly acknowledge them as top performers. Organizations that succeed in talent retention have very skilled, very experienced people which in turn leads to higher billing rates, higher customer satisfaction and higher profitability for the firm. 

If you don’t address the issue of talent retention it will be the opposite. Your best talent will begin to leave first – taking all of that experience and knowledge with them. This situation can easily snowball and negatively impact your project performance, billing rates, customer satisfaction and profitability. 
Therefore, it is important to address the problem immediately. Identify why staff is leaving: what challenges are they facing and what is making them leave? Take what you learn and build a strong talent management plan – one where your people are front and center, invested in and want to stay for a long time. 

This post is based on the just released book, Deltek Special Edition, Talent Management for Dummies. For more information, contact us for a copy of the book here.



Make sure to register for the remaining webinars in the series

June 16 Finding Qualified Talent Fast

July 21 Retaining Top Talent

August 9th Investing in Your People

September 14 Leveraging Technology to Manage Talent