How to Cater to Different Types of Hires for the Best Results

How to Cater to Different Types of Hires for the Best Results

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Posting jobs and hiring new employees can be a huge time investment, making it a big disappointment when your favorite candidate doesn’t accept the offer or leaves after being on the job for only a short time period. There can be many underlying reasons for this shock to the system, and one thing that it helps to keep in mind is that your hiring processes cannot always be a “one size fits all” tool. Your candidates may come from many different sources and backgrounds, and how you interact with them during the hiring process can influence their decisions to join or stay at your company long-term.

This blog series will focus on several different groups of candidates and considerations for working with those groups. For example:

  • How can you attract external candidates to apply to your openings?

  • How might you adjust the hiring process to meet the unique needs of candidates referred by your current employees?

  • Are there any special ways to keep in touch and market new job opportunities to respected alumni?

  • How can you get and keep the attention of the millennial workforce?

  • How can you make applying to jobs fast and easy for hourly workers?

Over the next couple of months, join us as we provide some best practices when accounting for the diverse needs of today’s workforce. Our focus will be on the candidate sources below, and we would be happy to receive further suggestions from our readers on additional groups you might like us to focus on.

  • Current employees

  • External candidates

  • Alumni

  • Contractors

  • Agency candidates

  • Interns

  • Social network contacts

  • Family members

  • Remote employees

  • Employee referrals

  • Millennials

  • Hourly workers